Midweek Motivation and The Revolution of Prayer

Hello, all. You’ve made it to the middle of the week! Way to go! But in case you’re becoming weary of the work days (as I am) I have some songs and some thoughts that will hopefully inspire and motivate you.

I would like to start with this upbeat song from Jason Gray, reminding us all that we are God’s witnesses and we are in every situation for a reason. Keep on keeping on, guys.

Next I would just like to share with you all what has been on my heart lately: prayer.

I have been hearing a lot about the importance of prayer lately and thinking about it a lot. I have come to believe that prayer is so important in the life of Christians. Prayer is an underrated privilege that we as Christians have! Prayer is the way we get to spend time with the God of the universe. That’s pretty huge. Prayer is where we get to come to our Father and pour out our hearts, not having to hide anything, because God knows how we are anyways. Yet he still loves us and urges us to come to him. So, prayer is a way for us to come to God with our troubles, pray for deliverance, and receive hope.

Another reason I believe prayer is so needed in our lives is because prayer changes us. Nothing has changed me more than praying to my Father. When we pray, if we pray with the right heart, we allow the Spirit into the room, and God speaks to us. This… incredible joy is like nothing else. When you’ve felt the presence of God, you realize how dirty you are and how merciful and good He is, and you begin to pray for change. By and by, we find, hallelujah, we are a different person.

Prayer is the instrument to work miracles with. I have a book called Why Pray? by John DeVries. All throughout the book, there are amazing examples of families, neighborhoods, and churches changed through the power of prayer. Oh, how much we could accomplish through Christ if we only accessed the underused resource of prayer! Prayer is a revolution. Our Father longs to give to us and perform miracles, but all too often we forget just how powerful prayer is.

I believe prayer should be organized. There are many different ways to do this, but I find it easier if I write down all the requests, praises and thanksgivings, categorize them, and then pray aloud after the model of the Lord’s Prayer. I personally find this method to be so helpful, but obviously you should pray however you feel lead by the Lord.

I don’t know if I’ve accurately communicated to you just how significant I believe prayer to be, but I sincerely hope you don’t forget to pray tonight. It is such a blessing. To end, I just want to say that the book Why Pray? by John DeVries, mentioned above, explains all this much better, and I highly recommend it if you would like more of this in depth.

Last thing, I promise. Just another song to hopefully inspire you.



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  1. Dear Anna, Thank you for sharing these thoughts, truths, and encouraging songs. You are so right about how we take prayer for granted and forget the privilege it truly is. I was about to go for a walk and take my music with me, but after reading this, I think I will use the time to communicate with my Father. ☺
    You bless me and I love you greatly.

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